Event – Fashion Revolution week 24th – 30th April

Event – Fashion Revolution week 24th – 30th April

Event – Fashion Revolution week 24th – 30th April


Fashion revolution week is coming up next week; if you don’t already know, they are campaigning for a fairer, safer and cleaner fashion industry. As consumers when we finally find a pair of jeans that work, or the perfect dress, we don’t stop and think about where they came from, we simply purchase, store and use; rarely do we think about WHERE our clothes came from.


Fashion Revolution are moving us towards a more transparent fashion industry, they are calling out brands to reveal who is behind their production and encouraging everyone else to do the same; this include writing personally to policy makers and brands  – both big and small.

There will be catwalks and panels discussions, film screenings and swapping evenings, school quizzes and fash-mobs – and fashion lovers, fashionistas and fashion students will unite in telling the world we want to change the narrative.

If you think you can create an event or take part in an event do so! And make a difference.


They are behind the hashtags #WHOMADEMYCLOTHES and #Fashion Revolution, to find out more or get involved yourself check out their website at www.fashionrevolution.org



  • Style – C O A C H E L L A


Coachella –it’s everywhere, and it’s the highlight of April.  And again we become completely immersed by festival fashion; the famous free-spirited style floods in as we watch celebrities out-do themselves on creating the hottest looks. This certainly is no Reading Festival, the weather at Coachella – held in Indio, California – is perfect, meaning there is no excuse to let loose, in the fashion sense of course. Meaning a lot of mesh, crop, see-through and lace, courtesy of Kylie Jenner, the Victoria Secret Angels and many, many more. Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna and Jordan Dunn are some of the big names that attend the festival, with even more performing.  I know you’ve seen the signature ferris wheel, the colorful tents but it’s time to look at some of the different styles that are all over your Instagram feed.


Whether it be tribal crops or embroidered denim, the desert is their runway.”

– Vogue (2017)



Jasmine Tooks – a simple yet sophisticated approach.


Sofia Richie – bringing street style to Coachella, in this unique look.



Alessandria Ambrosio – bringing back one thing that can never escape a good festival, fringe of course.


Hailee Steinfeld – tropical. Very.



And of course, the crystal Gucci Body suit worn by Rihanna.


Truly, iconic.

Thinking about it, guys don’t get nearly as half as much attention as females do in terms of outfit appreciation at Coachella, perhaps because there is a bigger variety of ways women can style themselves compared to men? Let me know what you think.


Delina Michael // @MomaTeresaa



VOGUE. (2017). Coachella 2017: Street Style. Available: http://www.vogue.co.uk/gallery/coachella-2017-street-style. Last accessed 21st Apr 2017.



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