Nike Air Max influence on Modern Culture and UK music

Nike Air Max influence on Modern Culture and UK music

Nike Air Max influence on Modern Culture and UK Music

Designed in 1987 by Tinker Hatfield the Air Max trainer has revolutionised the way we view trainers. Whilst being an innovator in the trainer game, the Air max trainer has been a prominent feature in Urban culture. Air max’s are a shoe worn by everyone, despite varying social classes and statuses there is air max for everyone .This is not always the case for many Nike sneakers; the TN series is an example of this, many would regard this as a ‘ Roadman shoe’ I personally don’t believe this. However, I do agree the shoe is not as easy to style as the Air max series and the colours and designs are not as creative. The Air Max series can be worn with practically anything whether it be a tracksuit or jeans and a jacket. The Air Max collection also come In different shapes and designs so they are able to appeal to any sneaker head.


The Air Max 90 has always been a prevalent part of the culture, from streetwear to high end fashion they can be worn by anyone and are also a feature of UK music particularly grime.They’re engraved in grime culture as shown by many grime artist like Skepta and Grime legend MC Dizzie Rascal, as shown by this infamous commercial.

The Air Max importance in music is further shown through one of most iconic UK singers in recent time Lilly Allen. The singer often rocked the Air max 90’s as a part of her look, wearing it with anything ranging from dresses to jeans; which further complimented her image of being no nonsense but still looking good, showing females  you don’t have to conform to look beautiful you can wear trainers with a dress instead of heel and still look as good.

The Air max 95 also played a huge role in the culture and Grime. Worn by many grime artist and Uk rappers as shown by UK Grime star Chip where he featured the ‘Jungle’ Air Max 95’s on the cover for his ‘Grime vs Rap’ mixtape further highlighting the importance of the Air Max 95’s and Air Max’s in General to the culture. This also was not the first time Chip wore Air Max’s he wore Supreme X Air Max 98 collaborating in his video for ‘ Run out of bars’.

The latest general release was the Air max 97 and with Supreme X Air Max 98 dropping April 30th I am sure the influence of the Air Max’s will spread and continue to grow. Let us know what you think down below !

Written by Mags. @sam_magss


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