13 Singers To Watch Out For In 2018

13 Singers To Watch Out For In 2018

13 Singers To Watch Out For In 2018

This Was meant to be 10 but there were too many good singers which we had to include, even 13  was not enough.

Jaz Karis

2017 was a magical year for Jaz Karis, her Into The Wilderness EP was one of our favorite Ep’s this year, showcasing her angelic vocals and blissful harmonies furthering our belief why 2018 will be the year she takes off. Not many people can make music the way she can and this will become apparent in 2018.


Cicero was a huge part of two of my favourite songs this year, she is a special talent with a voice out this world and it is only a matter of time before her name is known throughout the UK. Her performance on ‘Low-End Theory ‘ was magical and ‘Have Faith ‘ was beautiful, we cannot wait for more music from her in 2018.


If you follow us you know how much we love Yiigaa’s music, nobody in the UK sounds like her, her sound is what the future of UK RnB is going to sound like and in 2018 she is going to be a star. Her Mist EP was amazing and her latest single Enigma is out now further proving that 2018 is going to be the year she takes off.

Christina Messina

From the beginning of Lonely Star, we have been huge fans of Christina, she is exactly what UK Rnb needs, the emotion she pours into her music is amazing you leave every song or cover feeling something and that is a talent many artists lack. Her music is real and that’s what makes it so refreshing. Christina can make any type of RnB whether it be slower more traditional RnB or  experimental RnB she can do it all and 2018 will be huge for her.


There are not enough words to describe how good of an artist Hana is, her versatility is insane we have seen her rap and sing on songs like ‘ West Coast Freestyle’; make blissful tracks like ‘ Be With U’ and more traditional soul records like ‘ So Long’ all equally amazing, showcasing her songwritting and singing abilities and overall artistry. Hana is one of most talented artist we have come across and we are certain she will blow in 2018.

Charlotte Dos Santos

I’m almost certain she is going to be a future RnB Legend when I first heard ‘Cleo’ I was in awe, I instantly knew she was a special artist from her vocal range, harmonies to subject matter it is clear she is on a different plant and in 2018 she will be a household name.

Marie Dahlstrom

Another special artist, her EP ‘ Nine ‘ was magical providing some the best RnB we have heard this year. She along with others remind me how special Uk RnB is going to be in the next few years, people like her will take it to the world and with her headline show on March 22nd, we expect many great things to happen for her in the year 2018.


Another artist shaping the sound of UK RnB, Taliwhoah can’t even be restricted to one genre what she is doing truly is amazing. We have seen her make all types of music this year and not once has she missed. Her NWO Vol.1 Ep was amazing and she has provided us with some of the best music to come out this year and in 2018 we are certain she is going to take off and be all over the radio.

Faye Meana

Faye Meana has her own sound, her short album earlier this year let us know she was special and she continued that with songs like ‘ Now You See’. Faye Meana makes beautiful music and in 2018 the sky is her limit. It is very rare to find an artist with such a soothing sound with such ethereal vocals, we cannot wait to hear more from her in 2018.

Lylo Gold

Lylo Gold is RnB to the core, her sound is timeless her music could fit in any era and that is something missing from music today, the songs she has gifted us this year have been amazing and we know she is going to make even more amazing music in 2018. If you are a traditional RnB head you will love her music, in fact even if you are not you will still love it.


The amount of amazing music coming out of Manchester is amazing, they really have been come to be a hub for new music in the UK, pushing sound which is different from your average drill or afro swing style which is being championed right now and KSR is one of those pushing this movement. The singer makes beautiful RnB whether it be slow jams or more experimental RnB he has every sound in his locker and we are 100 percent certain 2018 will be the year of [ KSR].

Joy Crookes

The singer from South London has a special talent for songwritting and vocally she is on a different planet, you can always feel the pain and emotion through her voice and an artist who can do that is special, she is destined for stardom in the future. She was recently featured on COLOURS and that was this year so imagine what she will be doing next year.

Jamal Woon

There’s some artist you just know will blow one day and Jamal Woon is one of them, very few people in the UK have the talent to match Jamal Woon. He has a sound which is so accessible any type of music fan can enjoy his music and in 2018 his name will be everywhere.

Written by @sam_magss

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