14 Rappers To Watch Out For In 2018

14 Rappers To Watch Out For In 2018

Here is our 14 rappers to watch in 2018, again it was meant to just be 10 and we know that with 14 even that was not enough. Many rappers are going to have an amazing 2018 but here are the 14 we have a gut feeling will takeover this year.


To just label him as a rapper would be an insult, this guy can do everything, any genre any style he does it with ease; like we have said many times Camzino is on a different planet. His EP drops later this month and in 2018 you will see his name everywhere. Be sure to check out and stream his latest single ‘ Nightclub Lovin’


Unlimited soundtracks for the night time, if you need a certain mood Deoba is your man, it has been a pleasure to see him grow as an artist this past year, seeing him create an amazing EP and stellar visuals to go along with it. He has even more heat stored in 2018 so be sure to watch what he is doing closely, we can assure you, you will thank us later.


Saturn Alexander

Over the past few months Saturn Alexander has without a doubt become one of my favourite rappers, everything about her artistry is just amazing whether it be her flows, style or lyricism I Leave every track wanting more. In 2017 she released some real anthems and I cannot wait to see her musical career flourish even more in 2018.



Knucks is special, his sound is timeless. It is rare rappers are able to carve their own sound and style and knucks has made it seem effortless. He meshes his rap style with soul and jazz influences creating a style nobody in the UK can rival. 2017 has been amazing for him and in 2018 we hope to see a full length project and even more success.


Micofcourse is the definition of an MC, lyrically he’s on a different planet but last  year he showed us he is just as wavy as an artist. Hungry was one of our favourite songs of 2017 and we can’t wait to hear more riddims from him in 2018.


Another artist we cannot  just label a rapper, Gray is his own genre, throughout the year he has made anthem after anthem crafting his own sound and 2018 will be the year his sound gets the recognition it deserves.


Ellz BS

In the UK so many rappers are creating their own sound and it’s amazing to see. Ellz BS is one of them he has been creating banger after banger in 2017 and in 2018 we expect this to continue, his consistency is insane and we are certain this will soon translate to major success.



Louis Vi

How many rappers you know are this soulful ? It is clear Louis Vi has extensive music knowledge ranging from old rap to Fela Kuti and that shows in his sound, he raps in a style which  is missing from the UK right now. He raps in a way which gives me a lot of faith in UK rap, he has his own style and is lyrically impeccable. 2018 will be a great year for him.




Nics is a wavy MC we have been following him for a while now, lyrically and flow wise he is a real problem. Nics has been making bangers for a while now, his EP last year was extremely impressive and in 2018 we expect a lot of success to his name.


Motive 105

This man is slowly becoming my favourite rapper in the UK. Every time  he raps it speaks to me, he is not afraid to be himself in a scene full of people mimicking the same sound. Motive 105 sticks to his message and sound, in 2018 we are certain this will be rewarded and he will get the recognition he deserves.


Oscar #worldpeace

A rapper with a style which is so unique, he raps over such eclectic instrumentals and we fell in love with his sound. He has been a rapper we have a followed for a while now in 2018 we except him to take off and hope for much more music. Be sure to check out his ‘Recluse’ Project.

Argz Aliko

This guy might be the definition of a rap rockstar,  Argz blends so many different sounds in his rapping style in each time it leads to bangers. In 2018 I cannot wait to see how far his creativity takes him.


It was not even intentional but we ended up putting the whole  BS crew on the list. What  these man are doing is special all of them have a different style but none of them sound the same by any means. EVNS has a more melodic feel to his music  sometimes singing , he has the prefect blend of rapping and singing and in 2018 he will be a certified problem.


His identity maybe unknown but his sound speaks for itself, UKNWN has cultivated a fan base through soundcloud blessing us with melodic banger after banger and in 2018 we will be  expecting many more anthems from him. 2018 will be the year he takes off.


Written by @sam_magss

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