15 of Our Favourite EP’s 2018

15 of Our Favourite EP’s 2018

2018 was a great year for music so we thought it would only be right to show love to some of our favourite projects this year. 

Kate Stewart – In the Beginning

This EP took me back to the golden era of Rnb; imagine 90’s RnB meets modern RnB and they have a love child that would perfectly describe Kate Stewart’s music, her ability to effortlessly create both types of RnB to perfection is incredible, however, what really stands out on this EP are her vocal and songwriting abilities, the production is fairly minimal so there is no doubt she is the star of this EP, beautifully allowing her voice to shine throughout the EP for some of my favourite songs this year.

Favourite song: Bad Enough

Yiigaa – Blue Rivers In My Wrist

If you follow LonelyStar you already know how we feel about this EP, ‘Blue Rivers In My Wrist’ is without a doubt one of the best projects to come out this year, everything about this EP is incredible from the lyrics, vocal performance, production, all the way to the concept everything was executed with such attention to detail and it showed. ‘ Blue Rivers In My Wrist ‘ is an amazing EP and I cannot wait to see what 2019 holds for Yiigaa.

Favourite Song: Maroon Sky

Marie Dahlstrom – Kanel

Marie never fails to deliver, her EP last year was one of my favourites and this year is the no different, Kanel is short but beautiful, each track achieves what it set out to do and the EP overall is just a pleasurable listening experience which I always come to expect from Marie. I am always certain I will get amazing songwriting, vocals and harmonies all leading to amazing songs and she continues to prove me right.

Favourite Song: Ask about me

Brandon* – Earth and Sky

Without a doubt Brandon* is one of my favourite producers/composers, ever since I stumbled across his SoundCloud over a year ago I have been obsessed with his music and this EP personifies why, Earth and Sky blends beautiful music, creativity and adventure all in one, each piece of music tells a story and Brandon is the master behind all of it, pulling the strings telling the music to do whatever he wants and on this EP he captured his grand vision to absolute perfection, the use of instrumentation on this EP is breathtaking, Brandon also picks perfect times to employ vocalist to further add to the beauty of this project and it was a pleasure to be able to listen to this amazing body of work.

Favourite Song: Earth and Sky

Zilo – Nature of The Beast

From her first release I instantly became a huge fan of Zilo’s music, she provided a breath of fresh air which at the time was very much needed and in 2018 she further expanded on this sound she had crafted with her first two SoundCloud releases extending it into a meticulously crafted EP. It is extremely rare for an artist to have crafted their own sound after just one project and somehow so quickly Zilo has found her sound and mastered it. Zilo sounds like a veteran who has been making projects for years and years and ‘ Nature of the beast ‘ is without one of the best projects to come out this year.

Favourite Song: Don’t Waste My Time

Weyland Mckenzie – Northeast

Weyland is one of my favourite artists to breakthrough this year, from his SoundCloud demos all the way to this EP, Weyland constantly  reinvents himself sonically, while still showing an emphasis on his skill as MC, Weyland’s skill as a rapper are clear but what impresses me each time is his ability to keep his integrity as an artist while making great enjoyable songs and on this EP he does this too perfection. Whether touching on a range of important topics which plague the youth today such as social media consumption or just talking about his own personal journey Weyland shines throughout and this EP is without a doubt one everyone else should listen to.

Favourite Song: Enchanted

Cleo Sol – Winter Songs

This EP still remains one of the most beautiful projects I have heard in a long time, ‘ Winter Songs’ holds a special place to me personally, as it was the first EP I ever wrote about and ever since it has been in heavy rotation. ‘Winter Songs ‘ is special for several reasons but the main reason is Cleo herself, the ability she has as a songwriter is just incredible; every song on the EP was written perfectly each telling us more about herself and her personal journey, allowing us to connect with her beyond just her as an artist, through this introspection she delivers with her lyrics it adds a layer of vulnerability which makes this EP so beautiful, showing us how special she is as an artist. 2018 was an amazing year for and 2019 has the potential to be so much greater.

Favourite Song: Still Cold

Lylo Gold – Wray and Heartbreak

I have been praying for a Lylo Gold project ever since I heard ‘ Over U’ and this year my wishes were answered and more, this EP is incredible, it stayed with sound I love so much from Lylo, while also exploring a range of different sounds delving deeper into her artistry and versatility and this was shown on songs such as ‘ who’s Gonna’ showing she can provide more upbeat songs while still delivering songs such as ‘ Don’t Care’ with Emmavie. Lylo has songs for every type of RnB lover yet still kept the project cohesive not leaving one missed step. Her vocal delivery and songwriting stay as sharp as ever crafting 9 amazing songs for one of the best EP’s of the year.

Favourite Song: Forget You

Sipprell – I could be loved

Sipprell has been one of my favourite singers for a while a now, her voice can only be described as angelic and this EP just captures her voice and songwriting ability to perfection. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of hearing these songs live at her show in November and it just made revisiting this EP even more enjoyable. This is EP is incredible I cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store for her.

Favourite Song: Better

Esso – 23:23

This EP is a journey it really gives us an insight into Esso as an artist, he uses a blend of singing and rapping to create such a raw yet amazing EP, he posted the laptop he used to make the EP and it just shows no matter your resources if you want to make great music you can this is exactly what Esso did, showcasing his vocal and lyrical ability throughout , what is even more exciting is that I am certain he will keep getting better, 23:23 is easily one of my favourite EP’s to come out the UK this year and I definitely advise you to take note of him as 2019 is due to be special for him.

Favourite Song: 23:23

Dxvl – The Winter Collection

From the productions to the wavey flows this EP had to make the list, ‘ The Winter collection ‘ has been in constant rotation ever since its release and I do not see that changing anytime soon, Dxvl crafted an EP which showcases his signature sound to perfection, mixing hard-hitting bangers with more mellow introspective songs for one of my favourite EPs of the year.

Favourite Song: Garms

Miraa May – Care Package

This is easily one of the most enjoyable listens for me this year, Miraa sounds amazing on this EP while making it seem so effortless; the songs transition seamlessly, on each instrumental it as if she is floating. For example on ‘ Regardless ‘ she just uses that instrumental to perfection, literally floating on the track, harmonising and finding different pockets like a rapper but she is singing and she does this throughout the EP which makes the EP so amazing, it just sounds fun and it is evident that Miraa had fun making it . ‘Care Package ‘really is a special EP, making for several of my favourite songs this year.

Favourite Song: Regardless

Ada – Dreamer’s Addiction

Dreamers Addiction is one of my favourites because it provides that traditional RnB/Neo Soul feel, on this EP I feel Ada really found her sound and did that without compromising herself as an artist, just delivering amazing RnB music without watering her sound down for mainstream appeal. Throughout the EP Ada showcases her songwriting and vocal ability resulting in beautifully constructed songs. One thing that really impressed me while listening to the EP was instrumental selections, the way the instrumentation fits her voice on the EP were  just incredible and all of this resulted in one of my favourite projects of the year

Favourite Song: Down

Traviz Wilde – Fall

This might be the most underrated project on the list, on this EP Traviz did something special this EP is amazing and to me, he really solidified himself as one of the best singer/songwriters in the UK. at many points on the EP, I was just left amazed and I really cannot wait to see what he does next. For him, the sky really is the limit.

Favourite Song: Terminus ( Truth)

Joy Crookes – Influence EP

To limit Joy Crookes to one genre would be nearly impossible as she just flows into a range of genres and this really is a testament to her insane ability as a songwriter. Joy’s ability to write songs is on another level and she has the vocal ability to match and both these elements of her music met together in full force on this EP. This EP is incredible, I really cannot wait to hear more music from Joy, each time she never fails to amaze so I cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store for her.

Favourite Song: Sinatra

Written by Mags @Mags_ls

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