15 Singer To Watch 2019

15 Singer To Watch 2019

There is a whole new wave of artists coming through you may not know about so this list is dedicated to the artists who we feel are going to do amazing things in 2019.


Aphra’s music is without a doubt one of one of my favourite discoveries this year. I first fell in love with her music after hearing her rendition of Jill Scott’s ‘ She Loves Me’ and ever since I’ve been intrigued to see what she does next. However, it was her first original song titled ‘ First’ which really made me love her as an artist. ‘ First’, is easily one of the best songs I have heard this year, Aphra’s ability as a vocalist and a songwriter are incredible and ‘First’ really displays both these features I love so much about her music. 2019 is going to be an amazing year for Aphra and I cannot wait to see how her gifts grow further in 2019.



{K S R}

By now I have run out of superlatives to describe the music of { K S R } all I can say at this point is that if you are not listening to his music you are doing yourself a disservice. Simply put he is special and with the release of his single ‘ Sweet’ he took himself to a new level.’ Sweet’ was definitely one of our favourite releases of 2018 and I have a good feeling in 2019 he will have a lot more music to share. 2019 is going to be a special year for { K S R } and I cannot wait to see how it unfolds.





After Yiigaa’s EP I became excited to see where she goes next with her music, each time she reinvents herself reaching a new level and I am really intrigued to see how she explores herself musically next time around,whether that be 2019 or whenever she is ready to start her creative process and share her music with the world again, we have no doubt the result will be amazing once again.



Tima might be the artists I am most excited about this year because she has only been recording music for slightly over a year and has already blessed us with quite a few amazing releases and features in this short period of time. This really is a testament to her ability as a songwriter and vocalist, both these skills are already at such a high level and it is amazing to know that in 2019 she will only continue to grow and develop while continuing to make the amazing music we have become so accustomed to hearing from her. 2019 is going to be a very special year for her and I cannot wait to see what music comes out of it.

Tess Kharyn

Tess is one of the artists I am most excited for on this list because her sound is so unique, it cannot be compared or likened to anyone, she has already found her place as an artist so early in her career and it shows in her ability to make songs sound like hers and hers only , whether it be through her vocals or her harmonies her sound is distinct and extremely polished . Every time Tess makes a song I am always left amazed and wanting more music from her and on January 6th that will finally come true along with what I hope, more music from her in 2019.


The only way to describe Harve is incredible, ever since I heard ‘ Caught Up’ I have just been in love with her music and with her later releases she has continued to impress blending so many genres to create such an eclectic but beautiful sound which she calls her own and I cannot wait to see how this blossoms in 2019.



Lee Hakeen

There’s something about Lee’s music which constantly draws me to it, her music is so raw yet refined at the same time, it is clear she has found her sound but the rawness and honesty in her delivery makes her music so much more amazing and ever since I first heard her I have always admired this about her music, she makes beautiful but honest songs which always carry a message and I cannot wait see how much further she carries this in 2019.

Maya Law 

The best way to describe Maya’s sound would be a blend of neo-soul, Rnb with undertones of jazz and this evident in her influences, as Maya reminds me of Amy Winehouse in a few ways, the beautiful raspy vocals; excellent use of instrumentation among songs but among all her qualities what makes Maya stand out the most is her incredible ability as a songwriter and she has proved that with very few releases in 2018 and in 2019 I can only hope for more music. 2019 is going to be a special year for her I cannot wait to hear what she does next.

Akemi Foxx

Akemi proves why Manchester is the goldmine for UK music right now. Her music is amazing, from the way she expresses herself vocally with harmonies, changes in the tone all the way to the messages she portrays in her music it all sounds beautiful and to think how Akemi has mastered this already at such an early point her career is incredible. I cannot wait to see how much more Akemi harnesses and grows these talents in 2019.


Bina is another artist I am very excited about because every time she releases new music she improves exponentially, from her first SoundCloud release, to ‘ Summer Breeze’ and now most recently ‘ Where Do We Go’ Bina continues to grow and reinvent herself, creating amazing songs along the way. In 2018 Bina transformed herself to not only a great artist but a wonderful singer and songwriter and I cannot wait to see her  further develop these talents in 2019

Chiara Noriko 

Chiara Noriko in many ways is a veteran, she has been making amazing music for years now and this evident by the way she is able to use her voice so effortlessly, there is a level of maturity in her music and this is clear by the way she is able to express herself in a range of different styles, whether it be more ballad inspired songs like ‘ Love ‘ or more infectious songs like ‘ Anything’ she can pretty much do anything at this point always creating beautiful songs no matter what sound she decides to try. Chiara is also an incredible vocalist and songwriter which is obvious to tell by listening to her music and I really cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store for her.

Kai Rabai 

Kai is a special talent and when I first heard ‘ Slow Down ‘ I knew it instantly, some artist have that something about them and he certainly possesses that special something and the fact we could tell that off one single let you know 2019 is about to be a year of greatness for Kai Rabai. I really cannot wait to see how he expresses himself musically going forward, the possibilities are endless.

Marissa Pearson

I honestly feel Marissa can become one of the best singers and songwriters in the UK, some artists just have an ability to write songs and express themselves vocally in ways which are just incredible, and she is without a doubt one of those artists. From only a few songs and covers I was able to decipher this and whenever she is ready to release music again, I cannot wait because I am more than certain it will be amazing.

Lylo Gold

Lylo is another artist I had to feature again just off the strength of her EP. Lylo’s abilities as a singer/songwriter are clear at this point, however, in 2018 she took to a new a level crafting a beautiful 9 song EP which was listed among our favourites of 2018 and I have a feeling 2019 will be even greater for her. Whenever she is ready to share her music with the world again, we and many others will welcome it with open arms.


Carla has such a unique sound which I really enjoy, her sound in many ways personifies what I love from the underground scene so much right now she constantly experiments with new sounds and styles, switching between different genres always looking for new ways to reinvent herself and this always results in amazing music. In 2019 I cannot wait to hear more music from her and see where her music takes her.

Written by Mags @Mags_ls 

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