5 On The Rise for 2018! – @TariqAmazin

5 On The Rise for 2018! – @TariqAmazin

5 On The Rise for 2018!

5 Artists You Need To Know Before They Blow.

Poppy Ajudha

The jazz/soul songstress has made some strong waves this year and having dropped 3 singles (Love Falls Down, Spilling Into You & Tepid Soul) all of which were very well received. The stand out for me was ‘Love Falls Down’ nonetheless, be sure to be on the lookout for what Poppy has in store for us in 2018. And better yet, if you haven’t heard anything from her as of yet, now is the time!

Track To Check Out – Love Falls Down


The North-West London rapper/producer has been bubbling well within the thriving hotbed of the UK music scene and over the last 18 months has made his presence well known. With his most recent track ‘Vows’ being another prime example of this. Me along with many others will be waiting patiently in hope of a short or long length project next year, from an artist who is truly carving his own sound.

Track To Check Out – Vows

Jaz Karis

Having already featured in my top 5 list of R&B EPs for 2017, Jaz Karis is genuinely an artist you should make sure you are aware of. On the back of the flawless Into The Wilderness EP, it will be very intriguing to see which direction the soul songstress takes for her next musical adventure. An artist full of undeniable soul, her style can easily be described as a renaissance artist with a modern twist.

Track To Check Out – Sugar Don’t Be Sweet


If you ask me, Yiigaa is another artist currently being slept on but I have a good feeling this will change within the next 12 months. After dropping her debut project Mist EP earlier in 2017, (which if you haven’t yet heard it gently slap yourself!) the South London artist has already began building on this with the recently released single titled Enigma. Yiigaa has the ability to merge soulful sounds along with notable lyrical storytelling providing listeners with a memorable experience.

Track To Check Out – Eternal


The R&B singer has had a great 2017 having dropped three excellent singles (Sober, Hold On, No Pressure) all of which have been superbly received. She has been on the grind for a few years now so it’s been awesome as usual to see the rise and rise. That being said, I’m sure there will not be any let up with Mahalia already having lined up a UK tour in spring 2018. The midlands-based songstress oozes soul and is another artist paying homage to the roots of R&B but bringing to all the way back in her very own version for the current landscape.

Track To Check Out – Sober

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