88GLAM: Nothing But SAUCE.

88GLAM: Nothing But SAUCE.

After a long time of solo projects and growing as artists in Toronto, the two XO members, Derek Wise and 88 Camino, team up for the self titled album ‘88GLAM’; illustrating their development as individuals.

Consisting of 13 tracks and a feature from Nav on ‘Bali’, 88GLAM deliver nothing but flames.

Hearing elements of Toronto’s influence, the sound can be explained as quite anomalous and has elements of today’s trap music, which can be heard on the use of a rich booming tone and heavy bass. The combination of Derek’s low-toned voice alongside Camino’s auto-tuned soft voice creates the perfect blend. With amazing production, this showcases a unique album; making the idea of self titling absolute.

Catchy lyrics, and exquisite production from the likes of WondaGurl, MurdaBeatz etc, makes it hard not to jump on the wave. So hop on and check the amazing duo which are sure to go international with their success.

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Written by @OhShitItsFatz 


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