Aaliyah Esprit Delivers Vibrant Visual For Energy

Aaliyah Esprit Delivers Vibrant Visual For Energy

As we have said many times UK RnB is in a special place and artists like Aaliyah Esprit make me believe this more and more every day. The singer who is originally from Nottingham has been making waves in Bristol and Manchester even opening up for acts such as Denai Moore. Manchester is becoming the hub for UK musicians who are stretching boundaries pushing their sound beyond conventional genres, with artists such as Iamddb KSR and layfullstop pushing this wave it comes of no surprise an artist like Aaliyah spends so much time there.

Aaliyah’s sound is refreshing blending electronic sounds with RnB and jazz showcasing her creativity as she carves her own sound and ‘ Energy’ is a testament to how well she has mastered this. She delivers a sultry electronic fused RnB anthem matched with visuals equally as experimental, the distorted images and colours help accentuate the raw emotion in her voice; all tied together perfectly creating a captivating viewing and listening experience.

What Aaliyah is doing truly is special and we know 2018 will be a huge year for her, be sure to check the rest of her music out via SoundCloud.

Written by @sam_magss 


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