Ada Proves She Is One RnB’s Upcoming Stars With Her ‘ A Dreamer’s Addiction ‘ EP

Ada Proves She Is One RnB’s Upcoming Stars With Her ‘ A Dreamer’s Addiction ‘ EP

I have said for a while UK RnB is in a special place. In the past, I have felt we do not appreciate the genre as well as our counterparts overseas and to an extent this still true but the tide is finally turning and artist like Ada will be at the forefront of this change and this is the EP that begins it all for her.

The whole EP is amazing, what I love most is that it did not stray away from a traditional RnB/Neo Soul feel, Ada stayed true to her sound, not trying to add features or an afro swing vibe to gain appeal, she instead showcases her songwriting and vocal ability resulting to beautifully constructed songs. One thing that really impressed me while listening to the EP was instrumental selections, the way the instrumentation fits her voice on the EP is incredible and the first example of this was on the intro track ‘ Lovers & Friends’.

‘ Lovers & Friends’ is one of my favourite songs on the EP, I love the smooth instrumental and the way she sounds on this song, the hook is just wonderful and the way it perfectly helps each verse transition seamlessly brings the song together perfectly, especially before the second verse, which is my favourite verse on the song it reminded me of my favourite era of RnB the 90’s where love songs were pure and Ada captures this with ease. Despite all of this the best part of the song is the ending where she sings over the electric guitar on the last chorus, the attention to detail on this song is incredible and it was a tremendous way to start off the EP.

The continuation of beautiful instrumentation and amazing vocal performances is shown throughout this EP, the second track ‘ If You Were Mine’ is just as beautiful as the first and it is just amazing how Ada is able to blend her style with 90/early 2000’s RnB creating her own unique sound which is extremely refreshing to hear and her ear for instrumentals is just flawless. The 3rd song ‘ About us’ has a more alternative RnB feel, which can be played at home or in the club, it sets the mood perfectly and is one of the more upbeat songs on the EP but still fits the theme of the EP perfectly.

However, the song I loved the most was the final song ‘Down’, It just has such a lovely warm feeling, the way her voice blends with the instrumental is just wonderful and I know I have said that a lot in this review but this really is a testament to how well she constructed this EP, the structure of the song is just perfect and in my 20 years of life I have heard a lot of RnB and I know when a song makes me feel a certain way which I can’t explain and this song is certainly among those.

This certainly is an incredible body of work and I really encourage you to listen to it and keep a lookout for whatever Ada does next because she really is making beautiful music right now and we as the people need to push it forward.

Written by @Mags_ls


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