Ama Lou A Singer With A Maturity Beyond Her Years

Ama Lou A Singer With A Maturity Beyond Her Years

At only 19 years old Ama Lou carries the voice and musical presence many before her have spent decades perfecting. Her debut EP ‘DDD’ consists of 3 songs, each with Lou showcasing her incredible vocal range and songwriting ability. A co-producer for each song featured on the EP and working in close collaboration with her sister to produce an upcoming short film to accompany the release, Ama Lou is in full control of her music.

‘Tried up’ is riddled with soothing harmonies lead by piano, whilst ‘Wrong Lesson’ favours heavier guitars, finally ‘Wire’ a perfect example of her raw vocals.

Lou’s music is consistently purposeful, from the lyrical content of her songs to the thoughtful production. From her first release of TBC to a more recent ‘Said it Already’ and ‘DDD’ EP Lou showcases such a wide range of musical ability.

Currently touring with Jorja Smith in North America, Ama Lou will return to London for her headline show this June, one not to be missed!

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