Archy Moor Blesses Us With New Track Titled B.S.B/JIGGY

Archy Moor Blesses Us With New Track Titled B.S.B/JIGGY

Irish MC Archy Moor certainly made a name for himself with his first release, impressing with nice flows and intricate wordplay, leading to him cultivating a fan base on SoundCloud, Mirrors was without a doubt great song but it left us wondering what direction would he take next? Would he stick to more jazzy mellow production or try something more experimental and after whole year Archy finally answers these questions with his latest release B.S.B/JIGGY.

Archy does not stray from his style too much still hitting us with line after line and blessing us with more flows than a young MF Doom but the production is just beautiful, giving 70’s funk vibes but still on the jazzier side. It is really impressing the way he constructs songs and I cannot wait to hear more from him in the future. B.S.B/JIGGY is his first release of the year and I predict an amazing year for him, this is just the beginning.


Written by @Mags_ls


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