BINA. Shines On Latest Release ‘ Summer Breeze’

BINA. Shines On Latest Release ‘ Summer Breeze’

 The 18-year-old songstress hailing from London Bina is beginning to make quite a name for herself, she first introduced herself with the more traditional RnB inspired song ‘Buttrfly’ which gave us an insight on her unique vocal ability and amazing songwriting and in just 4 months she has managed to take her sound to a new level in every way imaginable. Her growth has been incredible and ‘Summer Breeze’ is a testament to that.

‘ Summer Breeze’ is an incredible song and what impressed me the most is how effortless she sounds on the instrumental, she sounds like a veteran easily changing the inflexions of her voice to go with different parts of the instrumental perfectly, showcasing her amazing vocal ability and songwriting. This is the perfect song to vibe to in the summer, everything about the song feels warm from the instrumental to the harmonies to the subject matter, she really managed to use her voice to paint an exact picture and that really is what music is about not only sonically but the image and feeling that sound gives other people and BINA, executes this without fault. ‘ Summer Breeze ‘ is a wonderful song by an artist destined for great things.

Written by @Mags_ls 


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