Boadi Announces New Video for ‘AwoMaa’ ( Mother)

Boadi Announces New Video for ‘AwoMaa’ ( Mother)

Boadi pens a beautiful song for his mother, naming the song ‘AwoMaa’ giving it a more traditional feel, thus holding greater sentiment. On the ‘ AwoMaa’ visual Boadi let us enter his world, sharing a heart touching visual coupled with a beautiful vocal performance; it is clear the singer is a special talent with a wide range of influences.

The rising UK soul star hailing from South London possesses a distinct sound which is a fusion of R&B, Jazz, and Afro-funk. Citing D’Angelo, Fela Kuti and Marvin Gaye among his top musical influences it’s clear to see the foundations of his soulful exchanges. ‘AwoMaa’ is the next installment from Boadi, following the release of his last video ‘Only You’.

The song touches on family and relationships with a beautiful jazz and RnB undertone. Boadi blossoms into his own artist on this song delivering a truly magical song leaving us eager for more. Boadi released an EP earlier this year, the link will be down below. Also, be sure to check what he has coming next because we can assure you he is someone you must add to your music collection.


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