Bryson Tiller Blesses Us With 3 New Tracks

Bryson Tiller Blesses Us With 3 New Tracks

Tiller Blesses Us With 3 New Tracks

After a Long wait, Tiller is back again and we could not be any happier. The Louisville star came to Prominence with the single ‘Don’t’ and shortly after blessed us with the timeless album ‘Trapsoul’ and now after keeping us waiting for 2 years Pen Griffey is finally back; he announced his latest album ‘True to self’ which is scheduled for June 23rd release and he kept the good new coming he gifted us with 3 new tracks.

First being ‘Get Mine‘ where we see a disdainful Tiller along with Thugger, shining on those conspiring against them, ‘Something Tells Me’ we see a more smooth Tiller under some beautiful production where he sings about a relationship that won’t last, putting as all in our feelings and finally ‘Honey’ where Tiller is trying to serenade a women who caught his attention under 90’s influenced RnB/Neo soul instrumental reminding us all what makes Tiller so great, love stories, vocals and great production.

There is some confusion as to what will happen to all these tracks, only ‘Something Tells Me’ is confirmed to be on the album, making us even more anxious to see what Tiller has ready for us June 23rd

Are you excited for Tillers next album?
Also let us know what you think about the songs down below.

Written by Mags. @sam_magss


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