Christina Messina Releases Heartfelt Track ‘Feelings interlude’

Christina Messina Releases Heartfelt Track ‘Feelings interlude’

After teasing us with countless covers, showcasing her undeniable talent, she finally gave us what we have been waiting for and it was definitely worth the wait. ‘ Feelings interlude ‘ is more than just a song about love , it’s a song detailing real emotions and the mix of emotions you can go through whilst entering or being in a relationship. The song touches more than one aspect, as shown by the lyric ” I’m here for your ‘mental not for your physical ‘ showing that it is way more than the surface level as it exceeds just physical attraction and this song exceeds way more than your conventional sounding alternative Rnb/ Rnb song breaking barriers which often can’t be said for many UK artist. The peaceful production and ethereal vocals reminded me of Jhene Aiko, as well as the topics she touches but she doesn’t by any means just sound like Jhene, she has her own sound which is what separates her as an artist, especially in a time where people just repeat the same sounds over and over again; she found a her own lane.

Christina Messina has a perfect blend of vocal talent as well as songwriting ability and is not afraid to take risk and without a doubt has a bright future and it’s about time you all pay attention, as she continues to shine and grow as an artist.

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