Classic Song Of The Week – Jhene Aiko ‘Eternal Sunshine’

Classic Song Of The Week – Jhene Aiko ‘Eternal Sunshine’

This song might not be fit the time frame of what is needed to become a classic but I still feel this song is timeless and will live on long beyond this decade. Jhene is a special artist, she is among an elite tier of artists who are able to speak for a whole generation in a way everyone can relate to but what makes Jhene so special is the poetic way she delivers this message where you can’t help but listen and be drawn by in her voice; with that voice she has gone on to make amazing music since the year 2011 creating more music for a generation to learn from

‘ Eternal Sunshine’ derives from her debut album ‘ Souled Out ‘ an album which holds a special place in many people’s hearts mine included. It was difficult to pick one song from this album however, there was one song which I feel has impacted many people since the album dropped that is ‘ Eternal Sunshine ‘. To do a full breakdown of this song would take an eternity, the instrumental to the song is simple but it perfectly accentuates Jhene’s ethereal vocals as she sings about the trials and tribulations of her life and how she wouldn’t change anything. This song is timeless and I challenge you to find any songs nearly as beautiful as this one to be released in the last 5 years, the song was executed to perfection and showed Jhene in her finest form.

Jhene has gone on since then to make another album called ‘Trip’ and we cannot wait to hear more music from her in the near future.



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