Classic Song Of The Week: Aaliyah ‘One In A Million’

Classic Song Of The Week: Aaliyah ‘One In A Million’

I’m sure no matter your age you are familiar with the Deceased pop icon Aaliyah, despite dying far too young, her music definitely lived on as she gave us timeless records like ‘ One In A Million’ before she sadly passed away. Aaliyah inspired many great female artist making music today such as: Beyonce, Rihanna, Alicia Keys and Ciara because not only was Aaliyah just a singer, she embodied the art of preforming as shown by the personality she injected into her music videos and performances, a trait all those females she inspired also posses. Rihanna went as far as saying that Aaliyah’s ‘Are you somebody’ video is one of her favourite music videos of all time.

‘ One In A Million’ is this weeks classic song of the week for many reasons, it featured the classic trio of Missy Elliot, Timbaland and Aaliyah; Missy and Timbo were behind the writing of the song, while Timbaland produced it. The smooth Timbaland production complimented Aaliyah’s ethereal vocals perfectly and the background vocals and chorus really gave it all the elements of a classic RnB song and time further validates my claims, 21 years later and this song still lives on much like Aaliyah’s legacy and when you factor in Aaliyah was a superstar from the age of 15 it makes her achievements even more incredible.

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