Classic Song of The Week – Amy Winehouse ‘ You Sent Me Flying/Cherry’

Classic Song of The Week – Amy Winehouse ‘ You Sent Me Flying/Cherry’

It would be nearly impossible to name many singers from UK who had similar impact to the late Amy Winehouse, Amy is an embodiment of the word iconic, both her official studio albums have lasted beyond her lifespan and I am sure they will live on for many more years. However, today’s ‘ Classic Song of The Week’ comes from her first album ‘Frank’ Which is my personal favourite.

Amy Winehouse is an artist many hold dear to their hearts but what makes her so special to me is the emotion in her music, she is not afraid to bare all her imperfections in her music, she leaves everything in her songs and I find that admirable; Amy’s songs not only help people going through heartache and other struggles she has faced such as alcoholism but it gives us an open invitation into her life, through her music we were able to feel exactly what she felt and that passion has influenced many singers after her to tell their stories.

Amy’s Music has inspired singers all over the world most  notably singers such as: Jorja Smith, Adele and Lana Del Ray as well as Legendary rappers such as Nas.  However, what Amy left behind is the ability to tell this next generation of singers and songwriters to not be afraid to be authentic, you do not need to lie to make music, your story is enough and if your voice is not like the typical singer that is fine its the idiosyncrasies and how relatable your music is that will define you as an artist.

Amy received criticism constantly in the earlier days of her career many labelling her music redundant, branding her eclectic vocals and the forwardness of her lyrics as boring and overly sensitive but none of that matters if your music touches people.

On ‘Sent Me Flying/Cherry’ that is exactly what Amy does, she pours her emotions in a song about her older lover Chris Taylor, who was seven years older than a 19-year-old Amy at the time. She details how she felt when the relationship ended abruptly, stating that her pride was hurt despite the confidence she had in herself; she was distraught when he ‘ kicked her to the curb’ a feeling many of us can relate to.

Relationships can be going well to one person but the other person may not reciprocate the feelings you have towards them, a feeling Amy described so well and a feeling we have all felt which is what made Amy so relatable and  so special. Amy had the talent few singers before her possesed, she is among the likes of  Sade, Erykah and Nina Simone where she could use her unique voice to her advantage, she used it to tell  her story whilst also making sonically pleasing songs and classic album; Amy was a one in a billion talent and she will forever be missed.

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