Classic song of the week: Pharrell Frontin’

Classic song of the week: Pharrell Frontin’
Classic song of the week: Pharell Frontin’
A song beginning with his trademark four count and the rest was history. Frontin’ was my first introduction to Pharrell, which is probably the same for many people around my age. Pharrell introduced us to a sound many of us had not  heard before, a sound which birthed many musicians and producers along the way such as: Kelis, Tyler the Creator, Kanye , Clipse, Justin Timberlake and even going a step further Pharell took his reach beyond music inspiring BAPE creator Nigo, as they went on to work on brands such a Billionaire Boy’s club and Ice Cream.

Pharrell’s production style is truly unique, when a Pharrell beat comes on, you instantly know he produced the instrumental  even before the vocals come in. The use of eclectic sounds; even using his own voice sometimes (like in ‘Drop It Like Its Hot) , the synths , the drum patterns and futuristic melodies all made Pharrell one of the best Music  producers of all time and to me Frontin’ showcased all the reasons why  I believe that.
Frontin’ was Pharrell’s debut solo single, released in 2003, debuting at number one in billboards charts. The song is a timeless classic which could be released today and would not feel out of place or outdated, the production showed that Pharrell was ahead of his time as the jazzy production complimented his voice to perfection and to make the song even more perfect it was capped of with a Jay Z verse. This song was just the beginning to Pharrell as a solo artist and through the years. He gifted us with many timeless songs as a solo artist and even more as a producers even dating before Frontin’.


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Written by Mags.@sam_magss


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