Cleo Sol Shines on Beautiful ‘ Winter Songs’ EP

Cleo Sol Shines on Beautiful ‘ Winter Songs’ EP

West London singer-songwriter Cleo Sol released her amazing ‘ Winter Songs’ EP on March 9th and it has been on repeat ever since. In my 19 years of living, I have heard a lot of RnB and this EP is definitely among my favourite to come out the UK. The way she was able to mesh influences of jazz and soul was incredible. Her influences ranging from Fela Kuti and Lauryn Hill really resonate in her music, you can feel the jazzy sound and instrumentation of Fela and the Soulful Gospel undertone of Lauryn often providing a meaningful message in her songs.

Each song is a highlight. However what really stood out was her vocal and songwriting ability, she really showcased her ability to make each song able to stand on their own as well as flow in a cohesive project. ‘ Try and you Try’ and ‘ Miles Song ‘ were incredible songs, the instrumentation, harmonies and message on both songs were beautiful and insightful but there were two songs on this EP I want to specifically go in-depth on: ‘ Why Don’t You’ and ‘ Still Cold’ as both these songs were truly special and will stay with me for many years to come.


Why Don’t You

This was the song that introduced me to Cleo Sol, the instrumentation on this song is beautiful and the message of the song shares the same quality; throughout her music she educates the listeners with words encouragement and advice and she does this so well on this song but it is never condescending or preachy, as she is not afraid to show her own vulnerability and this is reflected in her lyrics most notably: ‘ Sometimes I still doubt myself but altleast now I love myself ‘ she is not afriad to tell her journey and that is one of many things I love about her music.

Still Cold

This song is definitely my favourite song on the EP and arguably my favourite this song this year, I really don’t know how to put this song into words and sometimes that is the best feeling, when I hear this song I just feel it and I get a sense that I understand and know the artist and that is not something I have been able to do many times. Cleo Sol is special and this song is the one that truly made me a fan, the lyrics, the acoustic guitar and the harmonies at the end all made for a blissful listening experience.

With Artist like Cleo Sol at the forefront UK RnB is in a special place and this EP is proof. I urge you to listen and support the artist who make this music because Cleo Sol truly created an incredible RnB EP with songs that are timeless.

Be sure to Stream the EP here

Written by @sam_magss 


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