Dave Spares No One In ‘Question Time’ Video

Dave Spares No One In ‘Question Time’ Video

South London rapper Santan Dave has been making waves all over the world recently and the main reason is not only his poetic rap style but the emotion and realness he bares on every song, no matter the topic a Dave song is always going to leave you with something ponder on. ‘Question Time’ is no different, Dave touches on a plethora of topics most rappers are afraid to speak on. However, Dave is not one of those timid rappers, he touches on ever so important topics such as the people dying in countries such as Libya Egypt Afghanistan Somalia and Syria which mainstream media seems to ignore for the most part while also questioning how we mourn over a terror attack in our country whilst innocent people die from drones in order to stop terroism and how nobody cares about the civillians who die from these drone attacks,  causing Dave to question the morality of these people, asking are we really different from them ?

Dave’s quest for answers does not stop here, he fires at all the corrupt people in power, stating we live in Great Brittan not Donald Trump’s America and attacks how we trade arms with Saudi Arabia but cannot help Palestine. However, what resonated with me the most is when Dave spoke about the Grenfell tragedy saying “whoever knew about that cladding should be going to jail for joint enterprise but if it aint a little kid with a knife I bet the judge is going easy when giving him time “. It was sickening the way those resident were treated and how the intial problems such as the cladding were not sorted out, even the aftermath was handled poorly and Dave is not impressed.

Even Labour party’s Jeremy Corbyn was not out of Dave’s firing line, Dave states how he unsure if he is able to trust him proposing that if he wants his trust he challenges to get justice for Rashuan Charles and Edison who victims of police brutality in the last year. Dave really bared it all on this track and it was refrehing to see somoene from the UK with such a big voice speak out on these issues; especially in this manner, where he displayed a great video concept which kept his viewers attention for all 7 mins.

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Written by Mags.@sam_magss


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