Deoba Take Us Into His World As We Discuss his Upcoming ‘ Chillogy’ EP

Deoba Take Us Into His World As We Discuss his Upcoming ‘ Chillogy’ EP

Recently we caught up with rising star Deoba to discuss his upcoming ‘ Chillogy ‘ EP dropping October 13th. You may be familiar with some his previous song such as the soulful ‘ Athina’ and his recent chilled banger ‘ One Dance’ which very much reflective of his sound, chilled and soulful to the core.


Here we were able to get deeper with Deoba’s sound and what to expect from his EP dropping on October 13th


How would describe you current sound ? 

Deoba: “A unique sound gives you a taste of cool rap mixed with R&B, delivered with a touch of my native Yoruba language. My sound is alternative hip-hop which is a direct go-to when you need a chill vibe for that after hours playlist. “


Which artists have a simillar sound to you, to help those  who are not familliar with your music yet?


Deoba: “A2, Isaiah Rashad, 6LACK, Bryson Tiller.”

What is Chillogy ? : 

Deoba: “To create a world where listeners understand the everything of words.”

 Tell us about Chillogy, walk us through concept , what were the aims and what inspired the project ?

” Well , Chillogy is inspired by an attempt to create an artistic project, which incorporates cinematic storytelling into versatile songwriting. Using main character Melo, I explored concepts such as  human desire and emotions, from lust to love, making for a creative compilation of tracks that will have you intrigued from start to finish. In the project I also includes a few short dialogue skits which add that bit more depth to the story.  With all this I did everything to ensure my debut compilation titled ‘Chillogy’ is undoubtedly an all round work of art, which takes listeners through a creative storyline involving two main characters (Melo and Nicole).

From track to track, Chillogy follows the relationship between both characters, painting pictures of relatable experiences for all listeners, while providing what is still just good music to listen to anyway. It is all about a complete experience,  I wanted to create a work of art which transcended just music, by adding the story telling aspect to give it that cinematic egde. Even with the artwork I wanted to make Chillogy feel as unique as an expereince as possible, the EP’s cover features an intruiging illustration by Ags. Andrew, which really complements the project as a whole, because it adds a new level of depth to the experience. Besides being the cover for the EP, its still  just a really engaging thing to look at. Funny enough, choosing the cover was probably the hardest part of creating this project ! “




Deoba thankfuly provided us with an indepth tracklist along with the cover art.

All songs mixed and mastered by Micky Muck

Artwork – Ags. Andrew, Deoba

Producers: Various

Contributions: Mia Noor, Culture ’95


Chillogy (Prologue)

Producer: Chris Calor (Sensei)

Songwriter: Deoba

Contributions: Mia Noor


– Whats Up

Producer: Egyptian Art

Samples: Abhi//Dijon (Honest)

Songwriter: Deoba

– One Dance

Producer: Mecca:83

Songwriter: Deoba

Contributions: Mia Noor


– Henny And Chill

Producer: Kloud Beats

Samples: Jon B (Calling on you)

Songwriters: Deoba, Culture ‘95


– Melo’s Interlude

Producer: Tiggi

Samples: Usher (You dont have to call)

Songwriter: Deoba

Contributions: Mia Noor


– Memories

Producer: Mantra

Songwriter: Deoba

Contributions: Mia Noor


The ‘ Chillogy ‘ EP is going to be the first installment of Deoba’s rise to fame and here at LonelyStar we are very much priviliged to be a part of it. The EP is released on October 13th and we greatly advise you to make sure you listen and support. Down below we linked two of our favourite Deoba’s songs to get you ready for the EP.


Let us know what you think down below !

Written by @sam_magss


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