DXVL Continues To Set Pace With ‘The Winter Collection’ EP

DXVL Continues To Set Pace With ‘The Winter Collection’ EP

Dxvl has been setting trends along with 237 crew for a while now, all of them already recognised as Underground legends now, DXVl continues to spread the wave with ‘ The Winter Collection’ EP. To restrict his sound into just rap is redundant in my opinion, his sound is more of a style and mood as opposed to just to one particular genre, he is able to constantly push the barrier experimenting with  sounds which  are often futuristic, dreamy and eclectic  where you cannot even guess where they come from but they happen to sound good and DXVL has become a pioneer of this wave.

Stating his influences to be Icytwat, Lordfubu and Jordvn, he separates himself taking these influences using them to create his own sound but also being able to incorporate features into his vision, perfectly inviting these features into his world integrating them with ease.  Whether they sing or rap it did not matter he was able to insert them into his sound seamlessly and this was shown on the first track with amazing features by Bina and Monet. The dark twinkly production meshes wonderfully with her voice creating a nice introduction for the EP. The combination of Bina and this production is shown again on one of my favourite songs on the EP stargazing, again the production on this is flawless, the way the spacy vibe is created on the EP is incredible, each song has elite production but what is most impressive is the mood the production sets for each song, setting pace throughout the EP transitioning from more mellow songs like ‘Stargazing’ and ‘ Feelings intro’  to more trap influenced like ’20 lanes,’ ‘ Send Help’ and ‘ Garms’.

Despite loving all the songs on the EP my favourites were ‘Garms’ and ’20 lanes’ because they personify that 237 style to me, the wavey beats, crazy flows and chemistry are unrivalled in the UK. Whenever I see several of them on the same track it is always an instant wheel up whether it be the more mellow flows on 20 lanes or the jumpy vibe on Garms it is always enjoyable to hear and those were standouts on an incredible EP.

DXVl really managed to create his own sound on this EP but what is most impressive is the versatility and balance the EP showed, giving us a variety of sounds while maintaining a high level. ‘The Winter Collection’ is a great EP and I cannot wait to hear more music from him. Also, follow his twitter @dxvl7

Written by @Mags_ls


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