Free Ya Mind For The Talented Nick Bowens.

Free Ya Mind For The Talented Nick Bowens.

I first came across Nick Bowens while scrolling down Twitter. I saw a video and thought, “let me hear out this freestyle”. When I tell you I haven’t heard something so raw in a very long time; this kid had something to say, and it was ever so refreshing. People cared. People were interested. 

This young Texans freestyle videos attracted a great following, soon leading up to the release of his four track project, ‘18’, which dropped earlier this year. The level of maturity within his lyrical structure leaves me in awe. Every single song on this project has its own mood. The use of story telling is done ever so smartly. This is what you call conscious rap.

Mellow vibes and 90s feels on ‘Free Ya Mind’ and ‘Effortless’ were produced by Quote. Producer Sakros hit it with a soft piano accompanied by a cold beat on ‘Ride’.

And finally, ‘The Moon’; the most thought out outro, produced by Urban Nerd.

If this kid doesn’t blow I’ll be surprised. Talent like this cannot be slept on. Lyrical intellect can never go unnoticed. Check out ‘Nick Bowens’ on Spotify and Soundcloud. You won’t regret it.

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Written by @OhShitItsFatz 


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