Jaz Karis – “Petty Lover ” | A COLORS SHOW

Jaz Karis – “Petty Lover ” | A COLORS SHOW

If you have been following us from the beginning you would know we are huge fans of Jaz Karis, starting from when she dropped her ‘ Into The Wilderness ‘ EP and since then our love for her music has continued to increase, The EP was nothing short of amazing and from the first song we knew she was destined for greatness so to see her on a platform like Colors is expected and her delivering such a beautiful performance is also expected.

The South East London singer recently released two tracks one of them being ‘ Petty Lover’ ( the one featured on Colors), this is one of my favourite releases from her so far and the perfect song for her use for her colors, it perfectly fits the smooth soulful theme artist often bring and Jaz Karis uses her unique voice and sound to separate herself from the rest for one my favourite Color’s to date.

Written by Mags


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