JGrrey Shows The Beauty of Growth With ‘ Growing ‘ Visual

JGrrey Shows The Beauty of Growth With ‘ Growing ‘ Visual

London Singer JGrrey Rise has been rapid but well deserved, ever since I heard ‘ Don’t Fade’ I knew she would be destined for stardom and songs like ‘ Growing ‘ reaffirm that belief.

The smooth tranquil production helps add a serene feel to the track and her voice fits perfectly on the instrumental allowing her soft vocals to often float on the track, while her harmonies add another layer to the track for a calming experience. The song would be perfect for a mellow environment, easily setting a vibe and a mood. This also carried on into the visual. The Video for the song beautifully captured the essence of growing up, transitioning through younger years to adulthood and the uncertainty that comes with it but that is also what makes it so beautiful that uncertainty keeps us invested in life.

JGrrey perfectly captures her idea of growing up and made it personal with her lyrics which helps us appreciate the song even more. The addition of including two version of herself perfectly accentuated this, we see a younger version of her, as well as herself now, creating a perfect visual for an amazing song.


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