Joey Bada$$- ’95 till Infinity analysis’

Joey Bada$$- ’95 till Infinity analysis’

Joey.B- 95 til Infinity analysis

I would definitely say that 95 til Infinity is one of Joey Bada$$’s best songs of all time. His lyricism and use of different word play in this song, make it a complete masterpiece.

In my analysis, I will be focusing on the first verse:

“I swear I’m born abnormally absurd
If I give you a piece of mind, you’ve been disorderly disturbed
That’s my word, flip similes and verbs, now I’m eating
Retreating for second and thirds, y’all niggas seasoned
(Oh, you salty)
Don’t worry what we ate, you don’t want that plate
I combine yours with mine quake, and make the earth shake
Supernatural disaster on you half-ass rappers
Pass the herb to an actual pastor, word to the black lip bastard
I drop knowledge like a Five Percenter
Every time I drop a line, it touch like five placentas “

Overall, it seems like Joey is talking about his talent and authenticity which makes him stand out against the rest of rappers in the game.

Though, if we dig deeper we can see that Joey is painting his talent and authenticity into a literal plate of food. It make’s a lot of sense if you think about it. As humans we all need food to survive, ultimately we desire food. And so, in this sense, Joey is claiming that rappers will want to eat (consume his lyrics) “seconds and thirds” in order to get them “seasoned”. I think in this line, Joey is highlighting the fact that in the rap game at the moment, there are a number of rappers who sound the same and use the same flow/wordplay which makes it quite repetitive and dull. Completely downplaying the point of hip hop and lyricism.

Instead Joey continues down the road of the punchy lines and lines that are associated with hip hop. He explains the effects that his words and their underlying meanings will on people to be of the same strength to someone experiencing an earthquake. Out of this whole verse, I think is Joey’s most thoughtful line.

Further to this, Ab Soul, another great lyricist is mentioned here by Joey as a “pastor”. To peel the underlying meaning of this line is to simply state that Ab Soul speaks the truth. As that is what pastor’s are meant to do. Ultimately, Ab Soul’s mission in the rap game is to enlighten people and spread the truth, Joey highlights.

The last line that I will focus on in depth in this verse will be:

“Every time I drop a line, it touch like five placentas “

The first part of the line implies to me that every line that Joey makes is similar to the weight of a mother carrying a baby through pregnancy. I also feel like it relates to his journey into the rap game as a young teenage boy. It’s almost as though Joey is aware that every time he makes new music, he realises just how much he is growing from it. So much to the extent that it is able to “touch like five placentas”.

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Naomi Elliot.@_naomielliott


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