Jorja Smith ” Blue Lights” – A Colors Show

Jorja Smith ” Blue Lights” – A Colors Show

Over the past 2 year Colors Berlin has blessed us with beautiful aesthetics and even better music often shedding a light on underground music and niche artists who are making waves across the world, using their amazing platform to bring this music to the forefront and they did that again with Rising Star Jorja Smith.

Jorja’s rise has been nothing short of sensational, seeing her growth from ‘ Blue Lights’ and ‘ Project 11’ to now has been nothing short of breathtaking, her career has been rising exponentially, going from height to height each day and it is well deserved. Her Colors is one of my favourites for a few reasons, the main reason being the song choice; Blue Lights was the first song that introduced me to Jorja, her performance this time took the song to another level, it is amazing to see how in as short as two years how her voice has improved immensely putting her in a league of her own.

The blue aesthetics of the video was an extremely nice touch adding a nice sentiment to the video creating a sense of nostalgia as it brought me back to the original video. Jorja’s performance was simply amazing she couldn’t have picked a better song, performances like this make me increasingly eager to hear an album from her because I know that will be the day she solidifies her superstar status.


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