Jorja Smith Shares Beautiful Visual For Teenage Fantasy

Jorja Smith Shares Beautiful Visual For Teenage Fantasy

U.K Star Jorja Smith has been on everyone’s lips for a while now. Her meteoric rise started with her EP ‘Project 11’, her talents then landed her on Drake’s album ‘More Life’ Playlist but if ‘ More Life’ was your only memory of Jorja Smith you really are missing out and she shows why on her latest song ‘ Teenage Fantasy ‘. Jorja Smith releases a soulful ballad, where she sings about a teenage relationship which she refers to as a fantasy; which she can’t have but when she has it she no longer wants it.Her vocals are complimented perfectly by the Charlie J Perry production, the light instrumentation gave the song a timeless feel which is common throughout Jorja’s music as she paints a story with her lyrics.

The video is a continuation of this, this beautiful Rashid Baker visual shows a female acting as a younger Jorja who begins to be disinterested in someone she thought she loved. After this she then roams the streets of Paris with her friend (played by Jorja) as they both go on a journey of self-discovery changing their appearance with wigs and makeup living their own ‘Teenage fantasy’.

Jorja recently teased a new album on her Twitter and it is thought that ‘Teenage Fantasy ‘ will be on the album and if she continues this level of music we cannot wait.

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