Jorja Smith UK’s Beautiful Little Star With a Mature Sound

Jorja Smith UK’s Beautiful Little Star With a Mature Sound

Jorja Smith UK’s Beautiful Little Star with a Mature sound

The Walsall born singers meteoric rise and Growth has been nothing short of breath taking but very much expected. From her Dizzie Rascal sampled introduction ‘Blue lights ‘ it was clear she had endless amounts potential ranging from her raspy yet angelic vocal reminiscent of Amy Winehouse; along with her vast vocal range thanks to her classic background, all complimented with her gift for story telling. All of these feats made it clear Jorja Smith was a future star and this is becoming more and more apparent with every song.
Her Growth continued with her amazing EP ‘ Project 11’ where she showcased all her talent on variety of instrumentals whilst touching a plethora topics, from self struggles to the state of the world and relationships . The EP started with the song ‘ Something in the way’ where Jorja showcased her soulful jazzy vocals under production which reminded me of a live band as the blend between her vocals and the instrumentation was Perfect. Whilst she sung about a relationship, which is ending but every time she thinks about the relationship again she gets upset and doesn’t know why she is feeling this way. Jorja’s heartfelt lyrics ‘ even the sun in the summer doesn’t seem to last no holding on and no looking back ‘ paints a story all to familiar among all generations; where you are trying to hold on to relationship or emotion which you don’t want to end but its inevitable ,Jorja links this to the seasons where she sings even the summer doesn’t last and the seasons change and end very much like relationships and partners .

In the next song ‘So lonely ‘ she shows even more versatility as she reverted back to her classical roots producing a beautiful slow song under a background piano where she sings about being lonely and how she hates being in her own solitude and that she doesn’t know how to overcome but gives anyone going through this hope saying they shouldn’t go through this alone.

In the next song ‘Carry me home’ Jorja’s ethereal vocals blended in perfectly with the dreamy production which were further complimented by Maverick Sabre’s voice, as both continued to sing about depending someone ‘ bearing their weight on there shoulders’ whilst finding their way home.

Finally, the last and my personal favourite on the EP ‘Imperfect circle’ where she talks about issues in the world that need addressing and how nothing has really changed and we just go around in a circle where nothing is changing. She powerfully ends the song by saying that if’ Martin would tell me that he had a dream but if he’s dreaming I would rather let him sleep’ reflecting her emotion on the state of the world right now.

Jorja Smith’s meteoric rise didn’t end there as she’s set for even bigger 2017 her song ‘ Beautiful little fools ‘which debuted on ‘ National Women’s Day’ inspired by a quote by Daisy in ‘The Great Gatsby’ where Daisy says: ‘ All a girl can be is a beautiful little fool ‘ and she contrast this by saying why can’t you be a ‘ beautiful little girl’ and echoes that girls need more independent women to be inspired by instead of looking up to things that don’t matter .This further shows her gift for storytelling whilst giving a powerful message. This is what I feel separates Jorja Smith from everyone else not only does she have an apparent talent, she uses it to empower and lift other people instead of chart chasing and this was clearly seen by ‘ More life rapper’ Drake where she stole the show with her beautiful vocals on ‘Get it together’ and her angelic background vocals on ‘Jorja’s interlude’ and I feel this just the beginning for the Uk’s Beautiful little star.

Written by Mags.

written by Mags. @sam_magss


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