[ K S R] and Dogger Team up For One of The Best Remixes of The Year ‘ Sweet Jungle ‘

[ K S R] and Dogger Team up For One of The Best Remixes of The Year ‘ Sweet  Jungle ‘

Seeing the progression of [ K S R ] over the last two years has been an amazing experience; following him from his earlier Soundcloud releases such as ‘Alien Boo ‘ and ‘New Love’ then continuing the journey to his best release to date ‘ Queen ‘. It has become apparent that [ K S R ] never fails to impress, whether it is through his voice or the overall composition of the songs, there is something truly authentic about his music, always drawing people towards it.

One of the main reasons being his music is always refreshing, always experimenting with different sounds and styles never being afraid to try something new which adds to his authenticity and allure of his music; he took this to a new level with Drum and Bass producer Dogger, adding to one of our favorite 2018 releases ‘Sweet’, complementing it with a hard-hitting drum and bass/ jungle sound while still keeping the ethereal aspects of the track, the vocals are still beautiful, the songwritting is still angelic but the juxtaposition of the grittier instrumental takes nothing away from the beauty of track, in many ways adds to it.

It is perplexing how these two very different worlds of music mesh together so harmoniously, which is a credit to both artists coming together to execute a vision so perfectly with their first attempt. I look forward to more music from them together and individually.

‘ Sweet Jungle ‘ is one of the best remixes of the year so far and I look forward to seeing what else [ K S R ] and the Polarface camp come up with for the rest of the year.


Written by Mags_ls

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