[ K S R ] Shines on His Latest Single ‘ Queen’

[ K S R ] Shines on His Latest Single ‘ Queen’

[ K S R ] is an artist who If you follow Lonelystar, you would know we are huge fans of his music and this makes the unfolding of his career even more enjoyable to watch, we started our journey with his music from his early Soundcloud releases and continued with the pleasure of seeing him live last summer, continuing all the way forward to now with his latest release. It is beautiful to see the progression he has made and the fact this is not even 5 percent of what he is going to achieve is just incredible and his latest single ‘ Queen’ gives us a taste of what amazing music is going come from [ K S R ].

‘Queen’ is a beautiful song, the soulful instrumental compliments both [ K S R ] and Remi perfectly, the subtle instrumentation takes the track to another level, it is simple but it really allows both artists to shine thoroughly throughout the track. The chemistry between [ K S R ] and Remi on this track is incredible both exploring the topic and theme of a Queen perfectly but more importantly sonically together they meshed incredibly, the singing and harmonies and then the hook blend perfectly into Remi’s verse and then [ K S R ] perfectly rounds off the song for one of [ K S R ] best songs to date.

Queen is without a doubt one of the best releases to come out so far this year and with [ K S R ] looking to go on tour in April, 2019 is due to be an amazing year for him.


Written by Mags

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