Kendrick Releases Amazing Visuals For Element

Kendrick Releases Amazing Visuals For Element
2017 really seems to be Kendrick’s  year and he  doesn’t seem to want to take his foot of the gas anytime this year and her further proves this with his  latest visual for ‘ELEMENT’. The ‘ Damn’ rapper releases his 3rd video this year with ‘ ELEMENT’ directed by Jason Lindsteoem and the little homies which  stars a braggadocios Kendrick who paints a story with a series of visual depicting his lyrics ranging from the gangbangers in Compton to various other parts of the song such as, the reoccurring of hitting someone and making it look ‘ sexy’. Kendrick recently has been taking a more cinematic approach to his visuals, which is refreshing to see especially in age where the visual doesn’t garner as much attention as they once did.

Kendrick began his sensational run with the critically acclaimed Damn and has already wowed us with his creative visuals for ‘ HUMBLE’ and DNA and with hits such as LOVE and LOYALTY without  video it would not surprise us if  Kendrick has a lot more visuals planned this. Whatever Kendrick has planned here at Lonely star we cannot wait to see what he in store for us next.

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