Kendrick Releases Visuals for DNA

Kendrick Releases Visuals for DNA

Kendrick Releases Visuals for DNA

In the DNA Video Kendrick continues the persona of Kung Fu Kenny and drops a video that was unapologetically black and not only was DAMN. Another hit the DNA video hit hard as well. Directed by DR Nabil and the little Homies, the DNA video stars Don Cheadle and Kung Fu Kenny Himself.

The video opened with Track 3 of Damn. ’ YAH.’ Where a detained Kendrick is interrogated by a police officer played by Don Cheadle who presses a button connecting himself to Kendrick’s DNA. Don Cheadle begins to rap the lyrics back and forth with Kendrick eventually being overwhelmed by Kendrick’s ‘DNA’ where Kendrick sarcastically says ‘ Another Dead Ni**er ‘association back to him which where Cheadle’s words earlier.
A freed Kendrick is greeted by the ‘ Homies’ as the beat switches into the second part of the song where the video shows flashing images of what Kendrick is painting through his lyrics whilst also shows snippet of the song ‘ Hood politics ‘ from  classic album ‘ To Pimp a Butterfly ‘where a group of females are driving recklessly in a car.
Later through a Don Cheadle interview with Pitchfork we learn that Cheadle’s character in ‘Rush Hour 2’ Moniker is the inspiration behind Kung Fu Kenny which was a nice addition to the persona of Kung Fu Kenny. Further showing, how Kendrick always pays homage to his predecessors of the culture.
Now all we can do is hope the Kung Fu Kenny Chronicles are far from finished and until the next chapter you better be bumping that DAMN. Album and laughing at Geraldo’s idiotic comments.

Let us know what you thought about this new Kendrick Lamar ‘DNA’ Video down below.



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