Kendrick and Rihanna Set A New Standard With ‘LOYALTY’ Video

Kendrick and Rihanna Set A New Standard With ‘LOYALTY’ Video

2017 has been nothing short of sensational for Kendrick Lamar: Damn being double platinum, sold out arena tours, AOTY contender and now he adds to his triumphant 2017, with one of the best visual we have seen all year and that is a statement we have used more than once for Kendrick this year.

The ‘ LOYALTY’ video starring Rihanna very much has a movie feel, breaking boundaries of conventional music videos as Kendrick and Rihanna were surrounded by high level stunts, futuristic scenery, street fights and Strippers; things you do not always associate with music videos. Much like the song name, the video is based around loyalty and its importance, another important theme of the video is trust as shown by the scene were Kendrick asks Rihanna if he trusts her, all adding to the cinematic feel of the music video.

LOYALTY is the 4th visual from the DAMN album, and there are 14 songs on the album so we cannot wait to see what visuals Kendrick has in store for us next.

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