Kid Bracer Sets The Standard With Couldn’t Miss Visuals

Kid Bracer Sets The Standard With Couldn’t Miss Visuals

London Rapper Kid Bracer has been defying the norms of UK Rap ever since his early SoundCloud days where he adopted a more boom bap style and he has since kept the flavour and wide range of flows while incorporating these assets into a more modern sound, as seen in  his latest releases such as Maintain, 100 and his most recent release ‘ Couldn’t Miss’ . With this releases it is evident Kid Bracer has mastered his own sound, perfectly fusing Hip Hop and Rnb ( more so Hip Hop on this song) with trap melodies for infectious bangers.

Kid Bracer is an artist on the rise, his Area 51 Ep has been getting traction all over the UK even spreading overseas with songs like 100 reaching the ears of Karen Civil public figure & manager to ‘Meek Mill’ & ‘Nipsey Hussle’ which lead to a feature on ‘Civil Selects’ UK series. Also, Kid Bracer single ‘Maintain’ featuring HellaTurnt artist ‘SVGA’ which gained him his first BBC radio play and a lot of praise from tastemakers.

However, Kid Bracer is more than just rapper often being noticed for his style and visuals which led to a US Magazine spread in 2017,  featuring him in Miami, Florida based magazine ‘AMillionMagazine’. Which also featured American singer ‘Mila J’

Kid Bracer is also a member of the Art & Music collective ‘HellaTurnt’ which was established in 2013. Kid Bracer and his fellow crew of visionaries are constantly mapping and creating new sounds and ideas. From hosting Radio shows to sold out HellaTurnt Merchandise. Hellaturnt is trying to lead one of the unique cultural movements to come out of London today.

Bracer’s Unified album is due to be released 2018 which will feature a plethora of visuals including ‘ Couldn’t Miss’. Kid Bracer has an energy not many rappers in the world can match and 2018 will be the year the whole world takes in his sound. He is at the forefront of artists pushing this new sound in the UK and it’s only a matter of time until he gets the recognition he deserves.

Written by @sam_magss 


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