King Shines on ‘Fuck Your Feelings’

King Shines on ‘Fuck Your Feelings’

East London native, King, leaves us with a heavy statement on his latest release “Fuck Your Feelings”.

It is not new for the 22-year-old rapper to deliver his songs on a personal level, making it much more relatable to the listener. In particular with “Fuck Your Feelings”, he attempts to translate the idea that sometimes we shouldn’t allow people to affect our mood indefinitely. When asked what the song means to King, he said that “There is so much going on with life. You’ve gotta stay focused and do you and say fuck your feelings sometimes.”

The production by James Mooney may be sonically simple however it really complements the lyrics and allows the listener to focus on what’s being said. Mysterious sounding, it creates a spacious feel which can be thought as melancholy but really just ties in with the theme of one finding themselves.

Being in his early 20s, it’s a common trend for people to feel lost at this age and like they need to find themselves. How do you fit into this world that seems so big and full of opportunities? And how can you find yourself when you’re busy worrying about others. Don’t let people affect you or stop you from achieving success for yourself.

Written by Fatima Katlan


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