KISH! Shines on His Two Latest Singles ‘ Vanity’ and ‘Lemonade!’

KISH! Shines on His Two Latest Singles ‘ Vanity’ and ‘Lemonade!’

237 Founder KISH! has been a pioneer in the UK underground scene for a while now and he is wasting no time this year, having already released ‘Vanity’ during the backend of 2018, Kish is already back with ‘ Lemonade!’. Setting up perfectly for what is already poised to be a great year for him.

KISH! has already crafted such a unique sound, where as soon as the first line hits you already knows it’s him, the mixture of familiarity and unpredictability is what makes his music so enjoyable, you know you will get the hard-hitting or mellow beats but it is the way KISH! puts it together is what makes it special, every song he finds multiple pockets and flows using the beat however he wants and that exactly what he has done on vanity.

The combination of the weird zany eclectic production suited his voice to perfection. However, the most impressive part of the song is the confidence KISH! has in himself even naming the song vanity, KISH! lets it be known he is no rookie in this scene, he has been creating bangers for around 2 years now and Vanity is just another addition to a long list which is getting even longer release by release.

On Lemonade KISH! and Matavelli, deliver something completely different, again linking back to the unpredictability of his music you never really know what KISH! will do but the result always ends in a banger. Lemonade has that bouncy production, wavey hook and those braggadocious flows creating one of my favourite releases from KISH! so far. The way KISH! just glides over the beat is incredible, especially the way he changed flow at 1:16, his ability to use instrumentals really is something a lot of people can’t do, having good production is one thing but to be the main feature regardless of the beat is something KISH! does every time, what KISH! doing is special and every single time KISH! releases something he delivers with frighting consistency and that is a testament to him as an artist.

KISH! is really proving he is one of best in the UK right now and if we are telling you this and so is Frank it is probably time you listen.

Written by Mags @Mags_ls

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