Krept & Konan Return With Two New Mixtapes ‘ 7 Days’ and ‘7 Nights’

Krept & Konan Return With Two New Mixtapes ‘ 7 Days’ and ‘7 Nights’

Iconic South London rap duo Krept & Konan return with these two mixtapes and are on a mission to further cement their legend status, The truth is most of the things a lot of these emerging UK rapper are doing now, they done years ago: Selling out tours? they done that a while back; charting off a mixtape? they done that a while back; viral videos ? they done that a while back and now making two different mixtapes at the same time, one appealing to the UK and one to attract fans in the States is another trend Krept & Konan have started, although you could argue Chip with ‘London Boy’ had done the same it was not separated in this manner. The truth remains Krept & Konan have set the path for many of these new rapper and I predict they will continue do the same with ‘7 Days’ and ‘7 Night’.

‘7 Days’ features familiar faces such as J Hus, Stormzy and Skepta while ‘7 Nights’ features upcoming UK RnB singer Hudson East and US stars Tory Lanez and Jhene Aiko. From the features and the track list, it is safe to assume that the ‘7 Nights’ mixtape will have more of an RnB vibe while ‘7 Days’ will have that traditional grimy rap Krept & Konan are so famous for.

This mixtape has been on everyone’s mind ever since they announced it and here at LonelyStar we cannot wait to fully take both projects it in.

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