Mahalia Continues Her Rise to Stardom

Mahalia Continues Her Rise to Stardom

The last few months have been crazy for Mahalia, she detailed where she was this time last year with a letter on Twitter, detailing how ‘Sober ‘impacted her career. Since then she has been flourishing, making move after move, she released a smooth banger with Buddy and was announced to be supporting Jorja Smith on her sold-out UK tour; now ‘No Pressure is the latest addition to Mahalia’s stellar year.

On ‘No Pressure’ Mahalia takes a more retrospective angle, detailing how she’s handled all the pressure leading up to her rise, Mahalia shows that the rise to stardom is not easy, there are trials and tribulations you must face but you also need to believe in yourself and that’s exactly what she did to get to where she is now.

Mahalia creates a beautiful soulful song with ‘No Pressure’. The song has a nice smooth beat and Mahalia’s soulful vocals tie the track together perfectly and her harmonies were flawless. 2017 is just the beginning for her and we are certain by the end of 2018 she will be a household name.

Written by @sam_magss


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