Maya Law Shines On Soulful ‘ Give Me No Love’

Maya Law Shines On Soulful ‘ Give Me No Love’

Norwich Singer Maya Law has impressed with a range of Soundcloud releases over the past few years, blessing audiences with her soulful vocals and songs which could fit in any era. Her sound has undertones of neo-soul and jazz blended with other genres, her sound perfectly fits in the modern era and ‘ Give Me No Love’ proves this to perfection.

Maya reminds me of Amy Winehouse in a few ways, the beautiful raspy vocals; excellent use of instrumentation among songs and lyrics of self-reflection, love and heartbreak. Despite the resemblance, Maya has her own sound which she executes to an extremely high level which is a testament to her as an artist. She is able to capture raw emotions in her music taking the listening to a range of places with her voice.

‘ Give Me No Love’ is a wonderful song, the way the instrumental accentuated her vocals on this song were beyond incredible, she effortlessly floated on the beat, perfectly tailoring her voice and emotions to the different parts of the song creating for a blissful listening experience. Maya is a singer who is going to do amazing things this year and I cannot wait to hear what she does next

Written By @Mags_ls


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