#McthickumSelection x @LONELYSTARMag

#McthickumSelection x @LONELYSTARMag

Hi I’m Sandra but you can call me mcthickum hehe. I’m basically a hiphop junkie (like seriously one) and every Friday I be dropping my favourite tracks on here and make wavey music threads. Focusing on upcoming artist because let’s face it They’re the future. Check out my Twitter @McThickum   or for any enquiries email me on mcthickum@gmail.com

#McthickumSelection x @LONELYSTARMag 

Kadiata – art hoe This song gives me some Utopia feel. I don’t know ever since I listened to it the first time I can’t stop playing it.


My homie – Loubs & Uggs. Got that Partynextdoor Persian rug vibes. feeeeeel proper catchy check out too ❤️

BDE & Flex – Woke up
This song was very slept on. Love how they just jumped on the beat. Also check out @TRENDSLDN smoothest clothing line.

Sam Wise – lizzy. Can we take in the Lyrically flow and the visuals. Yooo I’m still going to bang this out in summer 018. Big up @4stringsz for producing this too 🤟🏾

Daniel og – 411 I was going to put some of his recent stuff but this freestyle need to be appreciated more. A year ago he murdered this Mary beat. Guys take in the biggie flow

Okkkk more Daniel og because this beat is stupid and 90s beat have my heart

My homie @LaSwaveTweets – I need that. Ice cream , sun , good vibes I actually need that rn. I love this song too. Talented guy 💕

‪A Jah ‬- Nintendo. If you don’t know get to know. The beat is so dope and so is the video

ft & – Potential. I’m in love with everything about this song. The beat the video the colors. Wow what a mood. Get to know this track guys

Jesse James Solomon – YPT

                                       I love how he raps. It’s like he’s talking but flowing at the same time. Beautiful man ❤


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