Meron T and Paya Team UP on ‘ Can We’

Meron T and Paya Team UP on ‘ Can We’

Meron has been one of my favourite singers for a while now, from her earlier Soundcloud release ‘ Brandy Magic ‘ to now. One thing I admire about her music is her ability to take her influences and make them her own. She has dabbled with a wide variety of sounds, ranging from Neo-soul, jazz, and bossa-nova, incorporating them all it into her unique style of RnB – always resulting in different styles of music maintained within her sound. This has become my most cherished aspect of her music – her ability to emphasis her artistry, whilst remaining consistent in her sound. ‘Can We’ is no different.

This is without a doubt one of the most sonically pleasing songs I have heard in a long time; the textures, the instruments, and the vocals are just ethereal in a way where you just get lost in the sounds. I feel as though intended, the song is about loving someone despite them being toxic for you. It’s the struggle of knowing this, whilst deciding whether to fix this troubling love or walk away – doing what’s best for you. Having gone through this, she decided to cure these blues by getting lost in creating, allowing us to get lost in the beauty of this song. This is essentially what music is about, going through experiences during your walk of life and using those experiences to create something beautiful; and Meron did this to perfection with ‘Can We’. Meron was able to encaptivate something beyond just lyrics with this song, it is a piece of music that evokes feelings, whilst describing her own – and that is always a sign of a special artist, something Meron has already become.

‘Can We’ is the second single from her upcoming debut EP ‘ Mirage’ due for release this autumn. This is her first release of the year, made after coming off touring with Masego and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for both her and Paya (hopefully more music together).

Written by Mags.

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