MicofCourse Drops A Banger With ‘Hungry’

MicofCourse Drops A Banger With ‘Hungry’

Like the rest of us I had only previously heard Mic on grime so when I heard this I was shocked on many levels, he displays the lyrical prowess and countless flows I expect from him but this time he took it to another level.

‘Hungry’ is a certified banger, Alpha Redd’s work on the instrumenal was crazy and what MicofCourse does to the beat is even crazier. ‘ ‘Hungry’ essentially defies genres because the beat is Trapy but Mic channel the same energy you would expect from a grime MC while also experimenting with a wide range of flows effortlessly and when these two worlds come together it creates something special.

Mic has the hunger you want from an MC but more importantly he has the versatility an artist needs to get to the top and what is even scarier is that, word from the BURNOUTLDN camp he is just getting started, so expect many more riddims from MicofCourse.

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Same with Alpha Redd @MrRedshotz

Also, if you want to hear more from them  checkout @

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