MSFTSRep: Discover The New and Improved

MSFTSRep: Discover The New and Improved

¿Téo? ft Jaden Smith- Uno Dos

Uno Dos Tres… action.
The perfect chilled out tune for you to lay back to. ¿Téo? expresses intricate, melancholy love and heartbreak in a picturesquely, alongside rapper Jaden Smith. With a very simple Hispanic influenced guitar and soft tambourine, the song gives a Narcos feel throughout, surprising us with an astonishing beat switch up.

Both MSFTS members are amazing artists who are very downplayed because they started quite young on the scene. Their talent is very over looked and definitely needs to be checked out.
Produced by Poalo Gosher, this masterpiece can be played over and over again without getting sick of it.
Nothing but authenticity.

Watch “Uno Dos”, the Esteban Arango directed video below. Stay wavy.

Written by @OhShitItsFatz 


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