Next To Blow: Wavy Rap Collective From Chattanooga Called TheHouse.

Next To Blow: Wavy Rap Collective From Chattanooga Called TheHouse.


An underrated rap collective from Chattanooga, Chicago. Refreshing music with lyrical authenticity that the rap industry is lacking.
Long Day combines a nostalgic 90s hip hop feel with a current rap flow delivered from the likes of YG TUT, Michael Da Vinci, Brian Brown and ChrisP. Alongside Ktoven’s (T I G G A) mastermind production, each rapper compliments one another’s flow with a catchy hook which makes the track an instant hit.

The cinematic feel of the video as well as the song itself really does represent the social ideology young adults of the 21st Century have; living in success, riches and ‘having it all’. This may as well have been the summer track of 2017.
YG TUT has already been successful with his latest album “Preachers Son” and his “G35” collaboration with Isaiah Rashad.
The other rappers also have their own music as well as being in the group. Each member has a soundcloud account that is worth checking out. That way you will not only discover wavy music but also appreciate each rappers individuality that made Long Day the piece of art that it is.
This modernised raw rap group really is something to look out for.


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Written by Fatima Katlan.@OhShitItsFatz 


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