Playboi Carti Releases Visuals For Banger Magnolia

Playboi Carti Releases Visuals For Banger Magnolia

2017 has been a massive year for Playboi Carti, it was the year he transitioned from being a SoundCloud sensation to being a star overall ,taking his talents and reach far beyond just SoundCloud. Carti’s rise started with his debut self titled album ‘ Playboi Carti’. However the song that had people such as Joey Bada$$ to 2 Chainz calling him a star was Magnolia, the song has been travelling all around the world even inspiring videos like this …

Carti Channels the energy of the song with a very fitting visual, showcasing Carti with Rocky dancing around New York, clubbing and running from the cops. The video also showcased a plethora of colours and tricks with visuals, making the video just as crazy and amazing as the song. All adding to a great few months for Carti, he was named a XXL Freshman and is set to feature on a song with Lana Del Rey and here at LonelyStar we think Playboi Carti is just getting started.

What to do you think about the video ? Let us know your thoughts down below !

Written by Mags.@sam_magss


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