Rapsody – It Can Take A Decade To Be An Overnight Success.

Rapsody – It Can Take A Decade To Be An Overnight Success.

The road for any artist is often a long one full of ups and downs as they await gaining recognition from peers, supporters, whilst mastering their craft. Rapsody is an artist which embodies this exact sentiment.

The rapper hailing out of North Carolina, has been putting out material for numerous years now under the label Jamal Records. A musical umbrella run by well renowned hip hop producer 9th Wonder. Since her first drop Return of The B-Girl in 2010, is was clear to many that she had a voice the masses within hip hop and music in general will need to hear. This was then followed up by the mixtape Thank H.E.R. Now in 2011.

Rapsody has managed to stand apart from many female MC’s by opting to not use sex appeal in order to gain attention on and off tracks. A formula which has always remained consistent to her as she has always put bars and quality music to the forefront before everything.

From 2010 to today her work ethic and high quality output of musical projects is another thing which has helped her gain much plaudits as well as a loyal fanbase. Married with thought provoking & witty lyrical content Rapsody has clearly been putting in the hard work to get to the point she is at now. Quite easily regarded the best female rapper on the planet better yet, her talents have forced the shift in debate to where most can just speak of her as the top MC regardless of gender and rightly so.

That being said, despite the years of hard graft, quality content and an array of musical projects, it was often felt to many that Rapsody remained the be slept on and hugely underrated in the hip-hop game. Having personally met and seen her perform in London in 2012, I also felt this way. It was a feeling of just wanting her to be recognised on the highest level for what she is doing musically.

However, as the old saying goes, nothing happens before the time and it was a feature on Kendrick Lamar’s infamous album To Pimp a Butterfly which eventually put Rapsody in the thoughts and ears of millions. Not only did she deliver a stellar verse on the track Complexion (A Zulu Love), but was also the only feature on the album.

Fast forward to September 22nd 2017, Rapsody drops her second studio album titled Laila’s Wisdom. Rightly the album has since received huge praise and accolades as well as being Grammy nominated for the 2018 awards. The album from front to back plays seamlessly and for the day ones who have been on the journey with Rapsody, it is great to see her winning on the big stage. The album has also cemented Rapsody as one of the biggest talents in hip-hop, something many listeners have always thought.

I personally think that she has further levels she can go up to and I for one am looking forward to seeing what moves she makes next.

UK based fans, be sure to grab a ticket to Rapsody’s forthcoming live show at Jazz Cafe Camden this March, before they sell out!

Written by @TariqAmazin


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