RnB and Soul’s Next Superstar Daniel Caesar

RnB and Soul’s Next Superstar Daniel Caesar

Representing Toronto Canada Daniel Caesar is definitly a Musician you should all be keeping tabs on. Depsite gaining his notoriety recently, the Toronto singer and songwriter already has two Ep’s to his name, his first being Praise Break which was named on Rolling Stones ‘ Top 20 RnB albums of 2014’ which gave us beautiful songs like ‘Violet’, his second EP Pilgrim’s paradise, which is where he started to garner more of a buzz, featuring songs such as Death and taxes and Japenese denim. Despite both EP’s being short, Daniel Caesar definetly is not short of talent , the singer has a voice beyond his age of 22, his vocal range and how effortlesly he’s able float on instrumentals whilst still fitting perfectly on the song is second to none. Very much reminescent of Frank Ocean , the way they he is able to paint to stories with his music, whilst it still being smooth and sonically pleasing, seprating him from most of his contemparies in RnB and Soul today.

Daniel Caesar, has already gained fans such as iconic RnB legend Mary J Blige who much like Caesar is influenced by gospel music. Daniel’s Gospel influences are definitly shown in his First two Ep’s and much of his music released after them. His debut album Freudian scheduled for August 25th release, it will be intresting to see what direction he takes. He has already released amazing singles such as: ‘ Get you’, ‘Blessed’ and ‘We Find Love’ all 3 being on the album, which leads us to believe the rest of the album will be amazing and will leave his name in everyones mouth.

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Written by Mags.


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